CATV Asset Recovery

Tech valley Recycling is a full service asset recovery company serving the CATV industry. By bringing together Recycling, Scrap , Resale and Reuse to give CATV systems the most value on their  field pull, failed and end of life Converters, Modems, head end gear and line equipment.

Most of the time CATV systems sell their end of life CATV equipment to a reseller who is only interested in the field pull equipment they can put back on the market. The failed and non resalable equipment they discard or don’t pay you for. On the other end scrap and Recycling companies do not have the connections or know how to resell the usable equipment and recycle everything or scrap value. Losing out on valuable resale dollars.

Tech Valley Recycling’s management has over twelve years in the CATV and Recycling industries. We presently work with a CATV repair company giving us the ability to test, repair and resell equipment to get the greatest value over merely scrap prices. Our connections and experience in the CATV industry gives us a resale reach that most scrap and recycling companies don’t have.
Tech Valley Recycling years in the recycling and scrap business also gives us the ability to get the highest scrap prices on your failed and end of life equipment, which cannot be resold. These items are recycled with the highest of environmental standards and follow a downstream chain with companies that comply with ISO and R2 standards.

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